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Welcome to The Light Shipping Company!

International shipping has become an integrated part of our lives! It is something that we have come to appreciate and rely upon. With the increase of globalization and import and export activities, it might be impossible for the world to function without international shipping. However, based on the fact that getting your product shipped quickly and safely is imperative to the success of your business, it is important that you ship with an experienced, reliable and trustworthy company. That is exactly what The Light Shipping Company is!

We at The Light Shipping Company are the preferred choice for international shipments! We not only offer affordable shipping rates but we have a team of global shipping experts who are knowledgeable and friendly and will do their utmost best to make sure that you ship internationally in the cheapest and most efficient manner. So whether you are shipping internationally to Germany, France, Australia, the USA or any other country or continent, The Light Shipping Company will ensure that your shipment arrives safely and will help you save money in the process. 

Helping Customers Ship Worldwide

Not only do we pride ourselves in offering affordable shipping rates and personalized, timely and safe services, we also offer a variety of shipping methods that will ensure that your shipment arrives on-time based on your personal preferences. 

Our international shipping methods include:


Air Freight


Ocean Freight

Our exceptional air freight services are perfect for those who need urgent small items shipped internationally.   Our ocean freight services are targeted to those who need bulk items and containers shipped overseas. 

Making Your International Shipping Process Easier

We also offer a variety of other services to making your international shipping process easier. These include:

Customs Clearance





With our extensive experience and close-knit relationships, we can move your shipments through customs quickly and easily.   We make sure that each and every shipment is insured to make sure that you are compensated if the unexpected were to happen.    We take the size, weight and fragility of your shipment in mind making sure we provide specialized packing to meet the needs of your items. 

Our Obsession – Providing the Best Customer Service

Each and every member of our team is obsessed with providing the best customer service which means that we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are satisfied.

This is how we guarantee that you will become and remain a satisfied customer:

Every experience with us will be a personalized experience with us as we provide a personal touch with all of our clients.    We have a 100% honesty policy which we use as the basis of answering all of your questions and requests.
We make sure you understand every aspect of the shipping process so you know what to expect.    We handle your shipment from beginning to end offering a door-to-door service.

Need international shipping services?

If you are in need of international shipping services, we have the experience that you need. Our team of shipping experts are here to answer any questions that you many have. We will make sure your package arrives safely and in one piece so contact us today either by phone or through the contact form on our website. If you need a free quote, all you need to do is let us know. 


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Your Testimonials


Katherine R. Smith

" I was astonished with the service I received from this company. My package was treated with such high priority. I was really impressed with the personalization in their services and the great customer service.  "

Edward K. Reinhart
Twin Food Stores

" Over the years, I have worked with many different international shipping companies but none of them compares to The Light Shipping Company. Not only does this company offer fantastic rates, they also deliver everything else they promise.  "

Ben D. Lamarche

" We worked with The Light Shipping Company last Christmas to deliver the shipments of our customer. Normally, other shipping companies would make a big deal with last minute shipping the holiday season but these guys were so understanding and made sure our shipments arrived on time.   "